Stuff I Run (aka my Side Projects)

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The Graveyard

Often to the dismay and disappointment of my users, I very much consider most of the things I build to be experiments; sometimes, I just want to try if an idea works, sometimes I just build something in order to learn a new piece of technology. What follows is a list of projects that I once built and ran, but eventually shut down. (2012-2016) was a light-weight blogging platform that I built at pretty much the same time Evan Williams built Medium, which I didn't know of until days after launch when my users started asking: "Oh, so it's sort of like Medium, yes?" Damn. Of course I did not have millions in venture capital (nor did I ever intend to run a blogging platform as a business; this is not why I build these things), so of course the site's use was somewhat limited, and its chances to make a dent in Evan's juggernaut were pretty much non-existant. Still, it was a fun project, giving me a chance to try some new stuff (including Mozilla's wonderful Persona, which has sadly been sort of abandoned in the meantime, too).

At some point the site was overrun by spam bots, and I finally shut it down in January 2016.